The true genius of this story (WANTING RITA) is that the problems are true to life.  This is a story that could happen to anyone.  It tugs at the heart-strings because it is unfailingly honest and brutal in its honesty.  You will laugh, cry, swear, yell, and still keep reading because the story will have you in its grip.  - Books, Books, and More Books

Husband-wife team Elyse Douglas has created a wonderful novel! I truly enjoyed this story. It swept me away instantly and kept me engrossed for the long haul. From start to finish, this story brought something new with each page turn. It’s emotional, it’s breath taking, and it’s a story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished. - Reviews by Molly

(Wanting Rita) So well written, wonderful story, characters who ring true and whom you care about. This book has an epic feel to it. Hard to stop reading and do other things. A must read even for those who like fiction other than the romance genre. Many parts of the story are powerful in their illuminating profound truths of life, love, heartache, highs and lows, self esteem, self perception, small towns, social stratification, pain in teen years, disillusionment, faith, honesty, growth, suffering, death...the whole range of emotions we feel in a lifetime. Nothing about this book is disappointing. - D. Klipper Costa Rica

"Wanting Rita" grabbed my interest immediately and kept me going until I finished. I don't give a 5-star rating without that level of engagement. - Chris O'Byrne Tucson, AZ

What a beautiful, heart-rending story this was.  The characters felt real and whole and honest. - Mo - Minnesota

Wanting Rita is a love story that is haunting, tender and seductive. I was immediately drawn into this emotional story and fell in love with the characters, especially, Rita. This love story is also a kind of coming of age story, where high school lovers fall in love, are separated for 15 years and then are drawn together again because of a terrible tragedy. These characters grow together, suffer together and certainly love each other.

This book never gives you a break, in the sense that it grabs you and holds you, emotionally, and takes you on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Frankly, I was nervous about how this book was going to end. But the last few chapters are lovely, and I will recommend this book to all my friends. - Jane Teasdale 

Every aspect of this book is fantastic. The story is threaded with a scenic destination, sex, love, secrets, politics, revenge and poetic prose that just keeps you turning the page. When I discovered that the author is actually two authors, it does make sense that the character perspectives are so focussed and accurate.

There are bits of this book that seems almost familiar to the TV series 'Revenge' but of course the plot has significant differences. The scandal that Robert Harrison sidesteps in the beginning greets him decades later. Readers are kept guessing as to how much of the scandal will be discovered and how far Robert will go to save his reputation.

The book is filled with strong elements of astrology. One can only assume that the authors researched this or there are parts of this book that are based on someone's life story.

Would I recommend this book? It's summer, this is one beach read you don't
want to miss. -  Andrea Kurian

The book grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it. I thought the characters were strong and interesting. If you want an entertaining romantic story with good characters, I recommend this one. In fact, come summer, I'll probably read it again while sunning on the beach. - William T.

Part one was a beach lover's romantic dream scenario that pulled me right in to follow these well-developed characters that I cared about in their impossible predicament, through an intriguing journey that kept me guessing. - Susan H.

I read the book in one sitting - candidly I could not put it down. The writing has one wanting to know what is going to happen and how it is going to occur. The characters in the book are extremely well-defined and you can readily picture what they actually look like, how they feel, and what their lives are like. - Raymond M.

I liked reading about Montauk, astrology aspect interesting, story is good with very intelligent interesting dialogue. - Liz S.

Very nice read even though romance novels are not my favorite genre. It kept me interested all the way to the end. - Dana G.


If you are a fan of Richard Paul Evans novels then you definitely want to grab The Christmas Diary. This is a super quick read that you pick up on a Saturday afternoon and devour in one sitting. One glorious afternoon sitting.

It is a story of love and changes with a paranormal twist.

The story involves Alice, Phillip (her fiancee) and Jack, the author of the journal she reads at the B & B. From that minute on the course of her life changes. She sets off to find out what happened to the man who wrote the journal and kind of puts her own engagement on hold, much to the anger of Phillip.

I adored this book. It was quick and simple and really perfect. I loved how everything was tied together through a ghost.

Jack is probably the best character in the story. He's a good guy, with a hard life, and it is the diary given to him by his wife that Alice finds and reads. That diary changes everyone's life.

Alice is what you'd expect from a romance novel heroine. Things aren't happening right for her and her relationship isn't quite right. You know that from the start. Her employee doesn't like him, her fiancee's mother doesn't like her. Her business is failing. You know something has to happen, and it does and it makes for a great read!

A quick holiday read that makes me think of Lifetime and Hallmark channel movies.

Andrea J. Guy


What a wonderful book to read especially during the Christmas time. It’s a great story, easy read about a young woman, Jennifer, who goes on a mysterious adventure about her past, present and future. The characters are all very well written and the author has described the area and scenery so well you feel like you are in the story. While reading the story, the author brings up a lot of good points to Jennifer about life that can relate to our own life as well. The best part of the book was it has a happy ending…love at Christmas time.

-B. J. Rencz


This was like a modern take on Scrooge but with a wonderful twist. I really enjoyed this book. The book starts out with Jennifer, owner of a shop called Cards N' Stuff in a small town called Willowbury. She is an angry and bitter woman because her fiance died on the night before their wedding, which happened to be Christmas Eve. She meets a woman named Mrs. Winterberry and thus starts her adventure to healing and wholeness during this Christmas season. She was a very courageous woman for facing her fears, looking at the actual truth and moving on from there. I gave this book 5 stars, because even though there were a few mistakes in the book, it did not detract from the story for me. I think this is a perfect read this time of year and would make a fabulous gift.

-Robin Dix